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  • 5 Ways to Detect a Bad Interior Designer

    Luxury Living Room Designers

     The traits of a bad interior designer are something you should be familiar with in order to find the ones not having them, and to be safe from the ones who may turn your dream into nightmare. The following are the unwanted qualities which make a designer bad:


    * Prior Experience : The experience of the designer is the evidence of his expertise and thus a must thing to research on. Only an experienced Interior Designer knows the importance of house-aging factors and infusing luxury with functionality. Also such a designer can give you insights about a design with a futuristic view point, having worked on lot of projects he will know about the practicality of design on paper and while implementing it. A designer must have completed a minimum of 10 odd projects, so that it gets easier for you to evaluate his work precisely.


    * Authentic Ideas Versus the Copied Ones : A numerous designs are visible when you surf through the internet, which are copied and even presented to clients sometimes. Not being innovative and capable to think out of the mark is what ranks the designers down. Go through the previous works done by the designers, if you find the designs to be pirated or bad, you don’t need to encounter the one. Ultimately work is something no employer wants to negotiate with. The designs can be good, bad, ugly and apparently speak for themselves as it is said “each home has something to say”.


    * Knowledge of Materials : As the market is continuously experimenting and coming up with new list of materials, so the designer needs to be all ears regarding the new updates and offer the latest options to the client. You would want to incorporate the latest designs, artwork and trendy materials to embellish your place in an extraordinary manner. He/she should have knowledge about the latest materials and should be able to source them at a reasonable cost as well. Customized International Sourcing is the latest service that Expert Interior Designers in India are providing these days. A designer not well updated needs to be cut short.


    * Knowledge of Budget and Prices : Along with the information of the new materials, awareness of the prices of those is also needed so that the client doesn’t require enquiring about the prices on his/her own. Beware of the uninformed designers as you would not want to burn a hefty hole in your pocket with a wrong interior designer who procures things from just anywhere without comparing the prices


    * Well Established : Designers are preferred to have well established offices of their own. Not owning an office is something clients shouldn’t easily rely upon. Just noting down the contact numbers of the designers and to begin work with them is not recommended. Also their office’s Interior design will give you an insight of how good they are at Interior Designing. Before jumping to any decision go through the Top 10 Interior Designers of India and then choose wisely.


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