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Case Studies 

  • Mr. Gaurav, Vaishali, Delhi NCR, India

      What a dazzling Living Room Design this is, just an astounding view! An all glass wall is impossible to imagine in a room but the Best Luxury Interior Designers at FDS have incorporated glass in every corner of this room making it an exquisite Living Room Design. The large glass wall in turquoise blue lacquer glass is looking outstanding with exceptionally beautiful design engraved on it, also making it the focal point of the room. The adjacent wall with artificial fireplace and glass shutters with amazing pattern complementing the overall glassy feel of the room is also looking picturesque. The pseudo fireplace can be used to store stuff in living room in the most functional manner.

    Living Room By Futomic DesignsLiving Room By Futomic Designs

     The niches above the fireplace with black and white sculptures are adding to the elegance of this room in an extra ordinarily aesthetic way. The other wall with white and black glass with a provision of LED unit is looking designer and ultra-modern matching the focal wall of the room. Futomic Team has intelligently kept the ceiling design comparatively light to maintain a splendid balance of lavishness and simplicity while the LED lights are making the room glow even more. Adding to the charm of this room is the stylish and modern chandelier which is also adding luxe factor to the room. Every small detail of this room is designed tastefully, be it the fan with designer curved wings or the Italian marble flooring.

     The black and white C shaped sofa with curvy design is looking spectacular with its contemporary design. Even the flooring is not just simple Italian marble flooring there is a glass patch under the centre table that is the symbol of utter luxury. In this phenomenal Living room this special touch of glass is awe-inspiring. The room has a large glass window which is beautifully covered with velvet and net sheer curtains. Only the sheer curtains can also be used for the privacy factor in this room. The black and white sheer curtains are adding to the beauty and charm of this room in the most impressive manner. This whimsical room with glass finish is one of the most opulent Living Room Designs, one can think of. Who would not like to relax and chat with their loved ones in this totally amazing Living room! Such Interior Designs reflecting a fine concoction of luxury and elegance are the forte of Futomic Design services Pvt. Ltd.


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