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Case Studies 

  • Enticing Dining Room Design

      This enticing Dining Room Design of Mr. Gaurav’s home in Vaishali is sure to win anyone’s heart with its Modern Contemporary Design. Top Luxury Interior Designers at FDS have designed every element of this room to please your eyeballs every time you have a look at it. As soon as you enter this room the white and transparent feel makes you fall in love with this neat and simple Dining Room Design. The stylish white and silver dining table with petite design and clear glass table top is tastefully placed to add to the contemporary feel of the room so neat and simple yet exceptionally stylish. The amazing breakfast corner with an exquisite drop light overhead is looking modish with a glossy marble countertop and fashionable silver bar chairs.

    Beautiful Dining Room By Futomic Designs

     Walls of this room are done brilliantly with the intelligent use of wonderful cut-glass pattern on the whole wall for an extended look that can leave anyone spellbound by adding to the luxe factor. It definitely is the most appealing portion of the room with the glass feel all around. Even the gigantic marble slab with lovely geometric pattern on the other wall is looking absolutely unique also adding glamour to this Classy Dining Room Design. Only an Expert Luxury Interior Designer can think of the exquisite ceiling design with droplights all over the ceiling, extended over the lobby area as well. The flooring is kept simple with Italian marble, which is also adding to the overall reflective feel of the room. The cove lights in the carved ceiling are obviously the focal point of this room, isn’t it looking just out of this world!

    Beautiful Dining Room By Futomic Designs

     Everything incorporated in this room by Futomic team is exhibiting an ultra-modern feel. Be it the amazing subtle grey color scheme with that beautiful silver pattern wallpaper of which one can never get bored of with elegant artwork. The elegant storage units in abstract pattern and gloss finish are adding opulence to this room, they are looking so stylish that one might not recognize at once, that these are crockery units. This room is designed as such, you and your family would feel at peace while having meals in this dining room with an idyllic ambiance. This room is a fine example of Interior Designs with sheer perfection which is sure to achieve when team of Futomic Designs with Best Luxury Interior Designers is at work.

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