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Case Studies 

  • Pushp Aleela, Theme Banquet, Wazirpur, Delhi, India

      What a majestic sight it is, Pushp Aleela designed by Futomic Design Services-Top Interior Designers of India is a magnificent Banquet in Wazirpur singing the glory of our expertise in Theme projects. The fa├žade of this splendid Banquet- Pushp Aleela is designed in a dreamy palace theme which one can only think of in fairy tales. The aesthetically designed entrance has a larger than life water curtain adding to the splendor of this building along with oversized fairy statues on either sides of it. The lovely Jharokas with intricate Jali work and beautiful backlighting act as niches for sculptures giving it a real palace like impression.

    Theme Interior DesignersBanquet Interior Designers

     Enter the ground floor of this Theme Banquet-Pushp Aleela in Wazirpur and you will feel transported to a breath-taking Venetian Palace in Golden and white hues with beautiful crystal chandeliers, heavy carving and an absolutely royal place. The heavy soldier sculptures are well place at the door entrances giving it a real palace like feel. Look up and you will be in awe with the beguiling Venetian paintings and glass chandeliers on the ceiling. The ornate stage is studded with different gems and jewels and intricate carving is done in a wonderful manner depicting the grandiose of a royal throne with running horse statues on either sides of the stage. Heavy inlay pattern have been used as flooring adding to the beauty of this banquet designed by Futomic Team. What catches the eye are the dazzling light effects which are brilliantly implemented, be it the onyx strips on carved columns for back lighting or the cove lights that are smartly placed in the ceiling. This regal place is all what you need to celebrate your special day with an unmatched opulence.

    Top Interior DesignersBest Interior Designers

     Step up to the first floor and stimulate your senses in an exquisite Aqua theme wonderfully implemented in one of the best banquets in the town with the most striking elements and innovative style. The whole zone is adorned with exuberant Jali work and color changing light effects creating an illusion of being around the water continuing from walls to the ceiling. Several 3D murals of different sea animals like sharks, sea horse and jelly fish are enhancing the beauty of this area in the most enticing manner. The flamboyant Bar is designed in a way with mood lights that will leave you awe-struck, the most striking feature being the hanging tables from the ceiling which is an absolutely unique concept. Best Interior Designers have embellished the walls with gigantic water curtains and the marvelous chandeliers are customized in accordance to the theme, the stage is designed as a luxurious glass tree making this area all the more lavish. Another arresting feature is the use of gel tiles on the floor which leaves an unparalleled impression making it the ideal place to celebrate in style.

                  Futomic Designs

     Nothing defines celebration and love more than flowers and cupid and so the second floor of this splendid building is done in a lovely Flower and Cupid Theme. This area is perfect for a hearty celebration among the flowers surrounded by cupid love making Pushp Aleela the best wedding venue in the town by the renowned Theme Banquet Designers of India. The stunning glass flowers and cupids hanging from the ceiling at multi levels are creating a whimsical effect which your guests will long remember. The stage platform is done in a wonderful lotus design and is decorated with gorgeous flowers while the stage is backed with gigantic flower vases in fiber adorning the stage in the most amazing manner. Banquet Pushp Aleela designed by Futomic Design services is an absolutely marvelous creation with a alluring entrance, different themed floors and unique luxury Interiors to transform special occasions into memories and celebrate in a lavish manner.


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