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Management Team 

Shiv Nirula, MD

Futomic Group of Companies is the brainchild of the first generation entrepreneur, Shiv Nirula who represents a new breed of game changers, impeccably dedicated to shape the global corporate landscape.

 With over a decade old career started in 1999, this thank-tank's serial entrepreneurships have made him a legend in various turn key projects. Through his sharp project management skills with, right from its inception, Shiv can be credited for a voluminously successful venture. After all, who would have thought that his innovative expertise in this business endeavour could be evaluated worth $5million by Ernst & Young?

 To talk about his whole gamut of technological expertise, his contribution in the setting of MTV in Armenia is exceptional. Shiv's various multimedia and technological inputs in school modernization systems for J.D. Tytler Public School and Doon Public School is a compilation of factual and emotional treasure that straightaway made him lend his arms for the mammoth success of the long term IT project management for educational societies like Disha Education Society in Raipur.

 Meanwhile, the business maestro developed his multiple skills by joining UK based Quantum Organizations, LLC, one of the best marketing consulting firms in the whole of Europe. Since then Shiv emerged as the most prolific whiz in the completion of turnkey projects such as Little Legends (India's most futuristic play school & also the most expensive!) and in the incubation of several wings of the Futomic projectssuch as Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. and Futomic Technical Services.

 Today, Shiv has made a marquee in hospitality as one of his core area of specialization. His journey of creating and participating in some of the major hospitality brands such as Parikrama, Walk in the Woods, 9 Mars, Yummy India, Colonels Grill, Inited Punjab, Bora Bora and Adderwaza to name a few, is a dream in itself. Thework experience of this rare talent in over four continents including Armenia, Dubai, Norway, Italy, Ghana and Australia has set a benchmark in the entire interior designing fraternity.

Komal Nirula, Director

If it has to be one person you have to rely on for a point of creative view on a cornucopia of things, it has to be Komal Nirula, the director of Futomic Group of Companies. A designer by passion, ever since she recognized the vacuum for ace designing and interior decoration, this young and dynamic entrepreneur decided to bridge the gap with her own venture.

 Komal was determined to give wings to her entrepreneurial skills since 2003. Her nest of brilliance begins from her handling of a small team of 10 people with whom she contributed in the school modernization systems of J.D. Tytler Public School and Doon Public School.

 Komal reached the pinnacle of excellence in the training industry by being one of the founder consultants of Little Legends wherein an exhaustive training module was developed by her. One woman who could dare to think beyond big corporate, Komal virtually acted as a project in-charge, hiring a team of renowned educationists for the project making Little Legends one of the highly prestigious brands in the playgroup area.

 Being an ambitious person who can really create things that change the industry, Komal set her sights higher by seamlessly handling the operations of ITES department of Disha Education Society.With her cutting edge administrative skills, Komalled a department of over 50 employees, some double her age.

 In 2005, Komal rose to the position of director in various organizations affiliated to Futomic group. Her innate ability to micromanage while fostering creativity has led her to becoming one of the founding partners of Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd wherein she meticulously takes care of the designing department and business management.

 This artistic genius's bootstrapped venture is undoubtedly an inspiring story for all emerging woman entrepreneurs of today. Successfully handling the interior designing division since 2010, Komal's administrative reach presently ranges from forty plus employees and over 100 clients.

 From designing Walk in the Woods and 9 Mars to developing Yummy India, United Punjab and Adderwaza, this game changers contribution in the creative structuring is undoubtedly a thing to wow.

Jayant Gandhi, Director

Architect by profession, Jayant Gandhi has been offering his impeccable inputs since 1999. The technical maestro has donned many hats in the vertical including those of Associate Architect, Interior Specialist and a turnkey Project Management Consultant.

 Jayant successfully ran a modular kitchen brand based in North Delhi for over 5 years. Legendary performances ultimately led him to his venture in Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd. in which he has been holding the operations formore than 500 clients with a project size of over 100 crores including both commercial and residential projects. Despite his rich marketing experience, Jayant relies more on word of mouth and referrals as the most powerful marketing strategy.

 Jayant is one project executioner who converts dreams into reality. Through his unique combination of architecture and technical expertise, Jayant has been responsible for introducing some very innovative and computerised design systems for commercial and residential projects. This founding member of Futomic Design Services Pvt. Ltd is mostly found covering a plethora of geographical locations across the world for international sourcing.

 Jayant's contribution in thematic restaurants Walk in the Woods, 9 Mars, Yummy India, Bora Bora and Adderwaza deserves a true applause.

Ashnaa Gandhi, Director

Being a lodestar in the field of interior designing and home decor, Ashnaa Gandhi began her career in 2007. Driven by an eye for detailing interior skills and being an MCA by profession, she has created a niche in project management skills.

 What lies behind the startling facts of her administrative potentials can be witnessed in her fine handling of operations department. Ashnaaexhibits her sharp administrative philosophy by impeccably coordinating all activities from the Gurgaon office. Specializing in modular kitchens and soft furnishings Ashnaa has contributed in major projects like Walk in the Woods, 9 Mars, Yummy India, Bora Bora and Adderwaza.

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